Clean Your Mailing List.

Remove Bounces, Invalids, Spamtraps Emails

Why work with us?

We have an advanced system of cleaning, with high success rate, performing all the validations made by any web similar to ours, but as we do not dedicate effort in web design and very elaborate reports, we can offer much more competitive prices.

Our system of cleaning and validation of emails uses the following systems:

  • advanced syntax verification, according to the Internet IETF standards;
  • international domain names (IDN) and international mailboxes check, built to handle non-ASCII email addresses with non-Latin symbols and alphabets;
  • ISP-specific syntax validation, with support for dozens of the biggest ISPs;
  • DNS validation, including MX record(s) lookup;
  • disposable e-mail address (DEA) validation;
  • SMTP connection and availability checking;
  • mailbox existence checking, with greylisting and temporary unavailability support;
  • catch-all testing.
  • Spamtraps database with more than 5,000,000 records for check.

API Access

Integrate your system with CleanTheList with our simple Developer API. Automate your cleaning process and forget about having to come and clean up every list you get. Very simple to use and multi-language. As simple as a call to our Webservice, and in the same answer you get if that same email is good or bad.