API Access

We have API access for developers. So that you can easily integrate your sending tools with our platform and automate the entire cleaning process.

Supported by any language that can make requests http: PHP, Java, .NET ... Very easy to use. No advanced knowledge is required. In the backoffice of your account, you have a small explanation of how to make each call and the possible results to receive Fully integrated with your account and the credits counter.

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1Call CleanTheList Webservice

Use your preferred language for http requests. Make a request to our webservice, with your access credentials and the email to clean

2Receives email status via GET protocol

An email takes a few seconds to verify and check if it actually exists or not. So it would be unfeasible to treat the answer in the same request. Launch as many simultaneous requests as you want to our servers and we will return for each one of them with a relay of between 1s and 10s, the status of the email to the URL that you tell us by protocol HTTP - GET.

3Prepare your system

Prepare your system to make requests and treat the answers obtained. Upload only valid emails to your sending tools

4Increase your deliverability

See how your deliverability and delivery rates increase in your next email marketing